Quote: Breaking Bad

I almost forgot about my favorite show Breaking Bad, is ending tonight.  

I couldn’t let my favorite show end without a quote!  Oh no!  

Meth Dealer:  “Who the hell are ya?”
Walter White:  “You know.  You all know exactly who I am.  
Walter White:  Say my name.”
Meth Dealer:  “Do what?  I don’t have a damn clue who you are”
Walter White:  “Yeah you do .. Im the cook.  Im the man who killed Gus Fring
Meth Dealer:  Bullshit!  Cartel got Fring.
Walter:  “You sure?”  
Meth Dealer:  Looking at Walter White with an uneasy eye ….
Walter:  “That’s right.  Now, say my name.
Meth Dealer “Heisenberg.”  
Walter:  “You’re God damn right.”

I was hooked on this season from the beginning and his characters transformation from simple chemistry teacher to power-hungry meth-cook, is mesmerizing.  This scene from season five is just one of many that showcase testosterone, ego and his narcissistic desires to dominate the meth industry.  

So, if you haven’t watched, you should.  Bryan Cranston is VERY talented actor. 

While enthralled with his Breaking Bad character, he really tuned me on as Hal in Malcolm In The Middle.

Maybe it was the way he loved Lois, I don’t know.

Season 5:  Episode 7 “Say My Name”


To Dave Chappelle, With Love

I have always loved Dave Chappelle.  I will never forget when I saw the HBO special Killin’ Them Softly and how hard I laughed.  And how all my friends (girls) thought I was nuts and gave me the weird look.

I get that look a lot.  :)

Recently, I saw an article about Mr. Chappelle in my Rolling Stone magazine and I immediately searched YouTube for his stand-up specials.  It looks like he is going back to stand-up and personally, I think that is when he is at his best.  Creating and controlling his own material and having total artistic freedom. 

For a glimpse of his awesomeness, I included the video.  It is 58 minutes of pure truthful silliness from one of my favorite men.

However, for those that don’t have an hour to kill, let me tell you the parts I love.

On Monica Lewinsky:  “Don’t go judging her.  That girl was young and she made a mistake that young girls make.  She wanted to fuck a powerful man, period, that is as far as she thought it through.  She wasn’t thinking about how powerful the president was.  She had no wisdom – an older woman would have helped everybody.  An older woman would have sucked us into utopia.

On Men and Women:  “The only thing in our society that bothers me the most is the way that men and women don’t get along no more.  That’s really what’s bugging me about it, men and women, just don’t get along.  Like I hear women say this all the time, ‘chivalry is dead’, don’t you all feel that way?  Like men aren’t gentlemen anymore?  That’s right, chivalry is dead and women killed it.”

“A woman’s test in life is material.  A man’s test in life is a woman.”

“Women love comfortable surroundings, so men get comfortable surroundings.  Let me tell you something, if a man could fuck a woman in cardboard box, he wouldn’t buy a house.” 

Advice:  “Women get too much advice about men, from other women.  And they don’t know what they fuck they are talking about.  And it’s true …. I see this shit in the magazines, I don’t read them but I’ve seen the cover ’100 Ways To Please Your Man’ by some lady.  Get out of here, I mean come on, aint no 100 ways, that list is 4 things long.  Just suck his dick, play with his balls and fix him a sandwich and don’t talk so much!”

The Value of a Woman:  “If pussy was a stock, it would be plummeting right now because you flooded the market with it.  Your giving it away too easy!”

Nobody makes me laugh like when Dave Chappelle jokes about the truth.  He (and many other men known and not known) inspire me in so many ways …..  

Ride Me …. Hard.

Don’t bother justifying a need for me, I only identify with your immediate want.  

I will make you lose your shirt and your shit.

Classy, sexy, beautiful, tasteful, and timeless.  They just don’t make them like me any more.

What would you like to do today?  Caress me? Take my top off?   Give me a bath and run your hands all over me?  Show me off to your friends?  

Oh, they would go mad with desire.  

They may even ask what its like to be with me.  You will brag that it was amazing and that is expected.  In fact, I would be surprised if you didn’t.

Come, sit down.  Feel me purr between your legs.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.  

No, you will never own me but that doesn’t matter.  I mean, we aren’t looking for a long-term relationship.  

60 minutes and a few miles is all you need to feel like a King forever. 

And I was built to make you feel like one. I was made for your pleasure.  

Go ahead, ride me hard, then leave me how you found me.  

Then reminisce on the time that we spent together, and smile.    

Note:  I love cars.  Vintage Corvettes, Jaguars and Thunderbirds in particular.  My friend sent me this picture and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you as mash up of modern and vintage made my eyes melt.  For more pictures of Mr. Barry Blomquist’s amazing automobile, click here.

“Have We Kissed Yet?”

This man is completely, totally and amazingly awesome.


Because he is so high from coming out of surgery, he doesn’t remember that the woman he is talking to is his wife.

The best part?  1:13 … when he is thinking to himself what a lucky guy he is.

Could be a fake but it was too cute not to share.  

Compliments, Beautiful Compliments ….

Ladies, does it really matter if the compliment comes from a man who you find ugly? 

Men, if you have complimented a beautiful woman and they act insulted, why do you think that is?

Here is why I ask:

I had lunch today with three women that are in my professional circle and our table was positioned right next to a table of men. I happened to be sitting elbow-to-elbow with one of the men due to the seating configuration.

No problem there, right?

It first starts with a bumping of my elbow ..

Him:  Oh, sorry.  We are sitting so close … I didn’t mean to bump you.  Im left-handed.
Me:  (Smiling) No worries
Him:  (Smiling)  But if I had to bump elbows with someone, you aren’t a bad person to bump into!
Me:  (Smiles back)
Him:  (Smiling) I may bump into you again!
Me:  (Smiles back)  Well, then this lunch is going to be interesting, isn’t it?  
At this point he let’s out an awkward laugh and inadvertently spits food.  He notices this and becomes embarrassed.
Him:  Oh.  Say it, don’t spray it, right?
Me:  (Smiling) Oh, that happens to the best of us.
Him:  Yeah, I guess so (awkward laugh)

When I turned my attention back to my table, the look on my friends faces said it all. They didn’t approve of the conversation or the man I was casually talking to.

Why you ask?

Because he wasn’t good-looking.  

When the men paid their bill and walked out, the man turned to look at me and said goodbye.  I enthusiastically said goodbye back, and that’s when the comments came at me.

“Really?”  “Seriously?
“He was gross!”
“I hate when men like that speak to me.  Did he not know he was out of his league? 
“You shouldn’t encourage them like that”
“I just ignore men like that”
“He literally spit his food in your face!  Gross!”

After they were done vocalizing their disgust, I started to ask questions.  Does a compliment only matter if the man if handsome?  Do they need a good-looking man to compliment them to feed their egos?  If an ugly man compliments them, why do they see that as an insult, rather than a compliment?

They danced around the subject, filibustered their original points and denied that their egos or pride had anything to do with their reactions, and turned the blame on him and my encouragement of his behavior. 

Through all that fog, snot, and bull … I heard the answer I was looking for.  Apparently, compliments only matter if a man is good-looking.

Well shit, nobody told me this rule.  

Call me crazy but I enjoy compliments from men, regardless of looks.  

Crazy as in, crazy appreciative.  

Loving Men Without Shame

I love men.

So much I started a blog about it.  

This doesn’t mean that I don’t like women or care for men that don’t like women.  

Yet, some readers have emailed me to say that I am giving women a bad name by “loving” men so much and being “submissive” sounding.  They are quick to point out my blogging behavior is “slutty” and real men cannot respect and take a submissive woman like me seriously, plus a host of other comments.   

I do not feel offense to these comments as much as I think that these types of readers are sharing concern and providing me a view of the world though their eyes.   

My eyes see something different.

I think that you can love mankind and celebrate how it makes you feel without all the cautionary tape.  Not every relationship needs to be viewed like a crime scene or everyone like felon.   While I like to share my opinion on one of my favorite topics, I cannot control if that is seen negatively or brings feelings of disgust brought on by self-loathing or fear.

I can love men without shaming myself or other women. 

I love men without asking women to compromise their beliefs.  My love for men has nothing to do with making women out to be the weaker or insulted sex.  I can love men for everything that they stand for and ignore everything that they are not.  I understand that some would find this way of thinking hard to digest based on personal past experiences.

My love for men has nothing to do with dislike for women or visa versa.  I don’t need both to exist to bring balance in my life.

I choose to shout my admiration for strong, confident, emotionally mature men.

Regardless of judgement and shame.  



Lost and Found: Love

Far from my general stories on my blog, I kept this story in my draft queue from January, unsure about posting a story like this.  However, I figured that most readers fancy a good love story and dogs.

Hence the post.   

I volunteer at a local animal shelter and I love tending to all the dogs there.  The instant gratitude and love that a dog has for you feels like a warm hug.  If you ever want to feel needed and wanted, care for a shelter dog or look into your own dogs eyes.  Their desire for your companionship is a beautiful thing and such a simple and sweet pleasure.  

Last year, Fred came in looking rag-torn and he smelled like a dump-heap.  In addition to his lovely fragrance, he looked like he was hit with the ugly stick several times, which only added to his charm.  Part pit-bull and bulldog, around ten years old, he was 95 pounds of dirt, stink, and goof.  

Looking down at his happy face, I knew right then and there, I loved him.  

I spent extra hours volunteering just to be with him.  I would prepare his treats, take him for walks and hang out with him in his kennel with his head into my lap.  Every weekend that passed my fondness for him grew.  

At the end of our visits, I would drive away from the shelter with a worry filled mind.  What if he wasn’t adopted soon?  Would he be put down because he was an ugly and older dog?  Generally, people don’t want an older dog but being ugly and a pit-bull sure wasn’t going to help his situation.  

Thoughts about how I could keep him kept me up at night.  I couldn’t bear the thought of being without Fred or at least making sure I could find him a good home.

I started operation Fred … I tried to get my condo association to change their no dog policy, begged my parents to take him, asked my parents neighbors if they wanted a great dog, pleaded with my friends, co-workers and acquaintances to adopt him.  

I was told no, time and time again.

I was desperate and they weren’t interested.  Isn’t that always the way?

Then one day, I went to his kennel and Fred was gone.  I could feel the lump in my throat as I stood there just looking into his empty cage.  The volunteer at the front desk couldn’t tell me if he was adopted or sent away to live at a different shelter or … worse.  

I felt that familiar sad feeling of a heavy heart and I couldn’t believe he was gone.   I mourned the loss of him and while I‘m not a praying type, I started to pray that he was off eating a milk-bone somewhere.

Then after a few weeks, I let him go and stopped moping about it.  

Months later, for my birthday, I stopped by my parents house to say hello.  We sat at the kitchen table and chatted about general stuff and what I had planned for my day.  While talking, I started to riffle through a pile of junk mail and magazines that my mom usually lets collect before throwing it away.

In the pile, I noticed the shelter mailed her a circular that they send to those who make donations.  I started to absent-mindedly flip through the pages, lost in autopilot, trying to listen to my mom and read at the same time.

It was when I turned to the next page, I sucked in my breath and gazed at the page in disbelief.  

It was him.  My Fred.  

It detailed his history, how he came to the shelter, an informal thank you to all the volunteers that loved him, a mention of his sweet disposition,  and what a good dog he was while there.  He was eventually adopted by his foster parents that brought him home so he could live outside of the shelter.  

I have a silly heart and I couldn’t help but cry.  I was holding actual proof that good thoughts and wishes really come true.  He was was safe, loved, and probably eating more than his fair share of dog-treats.  Knowing he was treasured was quite possibly one of the most memorable and enjoyable gifts I have ever received.

I loved, then lost.  

Amazingly, it came back better than I could have ever imagined it would.  

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” 
― Rumi



Pull It Out

I love it when you pull it out.

I watch it spring loose from your pants … breaking free.

You look down at it.  I look up at it.  Then we look at each other.

And smile.

For this is the best part …. our unspoken agreement that you are going to feed me your beautiful cock and I will happily and hungrily run my tongue and lips over every inch.

I love it when you pull away from my mouth, grasp the base and waggle yourself in front of my lips.

Then you graze my lips with it. Slap my cheeks with it. When I stick out my tongue, you slap that too.

When I feel the tip of your cock hit the back of my throat, I know you are happy.  You always grab the back of my head and hold me there.  

The best part?

The look on your face right before you pull it out.  You know, the naughty look.  

I love it baby … my eyes and lips feed on every inch.

Go ahead, pull it out.  

Palindrome of Desire

Unzip your pants, please
There is no need for any words right now, just sweet, sweet release
I just look into your eyes for an answer to what ails you
I know what you need baby, I really do
A cure lies in an open, yet wordless mouth and a tongue that soothes with a velvety caress
The longer I hold your gaze, the more I know ….
I know I am kneeling before a King
Down on my knees before you, I look up
With desire for you that will never cease
With desire for you that will never cease
Down on my knees before you, I look up
I know I am kneeling before a King
The longer I hold your gaze, the more I know ….
A cure lies in an open, yet wordless mouth and a tongue that soothes with a velvety caress
I know what you need baby, I really do
I just look into your eyes for an answer to what ails you
There is no need for any words right now, just sweet, sweet release
Unzip your pants, please

I Sing! You Sing! We All Sing …. for Vagina?

Ah, my love for lyrics and your love for pussy … can a post get any wetter better?  

Lollipop by Lil Wayne
“But man I ain’t never seen an ass like hers … that pussy in my mouth had me at a loss for words”

Black Velveteen by Lenny Kravitz
“Black velveteen’s cunt smells like strawberry kittens”

Cola by Lana Del Rey
“My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola”

Whoohoo by Christina Aguilera
“You know you wanna put your lips where my hips are.  All the boys think it’s cake when they taste my woohoo … “

Lay Your Head on My Pillow by Tony Tone Toni!
“You’re the girl that knows my pleasure, so let me go down and find my treasure.  Let me see where my pearl is at.”

Let’s Get Crazy by Quiet Riot
“Wanna kiss your lips, not the ones on your face”

Cherry Pie by Warrant
“Tastes so good make a grown man cry”

Kiwi by Maroon 5
“Your juices dripping down my chin”

Little Red Corvette by Prince
“I’m gonna try to tame your little red love machine”

again with Head
“I give u head, til you’re burning up.  Head til you get enough.  Head til your love is red” 

I think Prince wrote hundreds of songs about this … so we will just skip him and move on with other artists.

Downtown by Peaches
“Cause I wanna take you down town … show you my thing, show you my thing”

Up! By LoveRance
Pussy on my lips, juice box tastes good to me, put it on my toungue, fill me on up

Pussy is Mine by Miguel
“Just tell me that the pussy is mine!”

Gold Trans Am by Ke$ha
“Wham! Bam! Thank you, man!  Get inside my fuckin’, gold Trans Am!”

Pussy by Jay-Z and R. Kelly
“I know this girl we call her Sweet Cooch Brown, hands down, mami had the bombest pussy in town”

Get You Wet by Pretty Ricky
“Bet if I suck on that pussy, bet that’ll get you wet”

Well sung Pretty Ricky, well sung.  :)   If you have any that you enjoy, please share.  

It’s What You Deserve

Dear Men,

I am thankful every day that we can celebrate how different we are.  No, we don’t always see things in the same way or even communicate in ways that lead to complete understanding but I appreciate the confusion and tension we cause each other sometimes.  

Even more, I respect and admire the man who can work through the kinks in communication with us.  I know we aren’t easy to communicate with sometimes …   

Many of us don’t operate with a hidden agenda or have little girl dreams or desires that need your fulfilling.  Women that love men (and themselves) don’t have unreasonable demands that demean and emasculate you, as we want our desires to be shared.

More men should know that the 3 C’s mean everything to us.  You can be short, bald or homely looking, and a true-blue woman doesn’t care about that. You know why?  Because character, confidence and chemistry are the only things that matter.  

You deserve to have the last word sometimes and able to live free from the ghosts of past arguments.  Your dirty laundry should never be aired to others because it is the respect that you deserve from the woman who adores you.

However, if you can’t find a woman who can exhibit any of the above behaviors, finding one that will worship your cock, works too. 

I adore you all,